Silicon Power UD90 Gen 4×4 PCIe NVMe SSD

Silicon Power did a great job with their XS70 Series Gen4 model, which delivered excellent speeds for the price. So it’s hardly a surprise when we get our hands on a great entry-level option that does all the same, albeit a slower model (I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on “slow” because it’s still NVMe and still much better than all the SATA alternatives). In this, we tested the Silicon Power UD90 Gen 4×4 PCIe NVMe SSD for a while now and loved every bit of it.

We’ve actually had it there for a number of weeks, testing it for various tasks such as using it as a boot drive in a laptop or as an external drive using a USB4 enclosure (for to name a few). Each time, it delivered exactly where we wanted it (or expected it to based on the specs of the drive and the parts we were using). We were actually waiting for it to start hitting the market before posting our own thoughts on it.

The UD90 appears to be a step up from the company’s previous model in the series (the UD80) and carries the Gen 4×4 badge, bringing with it faster speeds at the same great price. How awesome is that? You’re looking at just $89 for the 1TB model (the model we tested).

It doesn’t come with a heatsink or anything fancy. Just an NVMe tucked away in a plain package. Perfect for laptops or if you have your own heatsinks to play with. Or, an external enclosure. Of course, you can get slower speeds if you go that route depending on the hardware you choose.

The new drive achieves read speeds of up to 4,800MB/s as well as write speeds of up to 4,200MB/s. Make a good place to be in this price range. It’s fast and affordable all in one. It won’t go head-to-head against the XS70, but it will come close enough. Again, pretty close for the money.

It’s a single-sided NVMe (you don’t get much into double-sided territory until you hit 2TB+) that fits nicely into any computer system or case. Not something for use with the PS5 due to specs, but great for everything else. Bearing in mind, of course, that this is still an entry-level player for its class.

The drive would originally be made available up to 1TB, starting at 250GB (250GB, 500GB and 1TB to be exact). However, it seems to have only launched as a single 1TB option. Honestly, for the price, this seems like the most cost-effective plan at this price, since you don’t need a lot of other aside from (maybe) the 500GB model for ultra-low budgets and simple builds.

Whichever route the company chooses to take for the other missing capacity options (for now), it’s nice to finally see the drive hit the market. In fact, it seems to have been available on Amazon for almost a month now. However, we were able to find it until just now (and even then it took all the searching to track it down as it wasn’t obvious).

As mentioned, it performed pretty well with everything we threw at it. It’s not the fastest NVMe (obviously), but it ranks pretty well for the price. It also has a long warranty, which is something to point out. 5 years is a pretty good warranty to have on any record, whether spinning or solid state.

We will continue to use it for various purposes and it will probably end up being mentioned again when we combine it with other options.

Our conclusion

It’s fast (enough), it’s affordable, and it’s finally available. You can get your hands on it right now, and you should if you’re looking to build a low-cost system that still has plenty of speed over older PCIe Gen 3 models. ‘entry level. If Silicon Power keeps this momentum going, we’ll soon see noticeable price drops from some of the big brands as they try to keep up.

Our assessment

8 / ten stars

Average price*

*Average price is based on when this item was published

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  • Capacity: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB
  • Dimensions: 22.0mm x 80.0mm x 3.5mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Interface: PCIe generation 4×4
  • Read performance (max): up to 4800 MB/s
  • Write performance (max): up to 4200 MB/s
  • Operating temperature: 0C – 70C
  • MTBF (est.): 1,500,000 hours
  • Shock test: 1500g/0.5ms
  • Certification: CE, FCC, UKCA, BSMI, Green Dot, WEEE, RoHS, KC
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

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