The 10 coolest 5G devices of 2022 (so far)

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Supply chain and chip shortages aren’t stopping IT vendors from flooding the market with 5G-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. Check out 10 of the coolest 5G devices you can find today.

The latest and greatest

5G, the latest generation of cellular technology, promises super-fast speeds and significantly lower latency connectivity. It’s fueling brand new use cases that are exciting and delighting both consumers and business users, especially at a time when companies are embracing new forms of connectivity to grow their businesses and think outside the box.

Far from being a must, cellular connectivity has always been considered a secondary option, and only when the primary connection has failed. 5G, however, puts that thought process on its ear, because not only is it one of the fastest and most robust connectivity options the world has seen so far, but it’s a technology of power far beyond what current mobile technology even allows. It allows applications and communications running on 5G to connect and share data in near real time. It opens the door to accelerating the shift to autonomous vehicles and remote monitoring of crops, health and safety, to name a few use cases.

5G went from buzzword to mainstream last year when devices harnessing the latest cellular connectivity option really started hitting the market. As the global supply chain crisis poses problems for manufacturers struggling to get their hands on the components and chips needed to support 5G, the usual suspects are still coming out with smartphones, laptops , tablets and 5G-enabled 2-in-1s, including Apple, Samsung and HP. New entrants to the market or manufacturers based outside of the US, like Vivo and Nokia, are also joining the fray with 5G capabilities.

CRN rounded up 10 of the coolest 5G devices on the market in 2022…so far.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

* iPhone 13 (all models)

* Lenovo Flex 5G

*Nokia G400

*Dell Latitude 9420

* 5G Astro Slide

* iPad Pro

*Vivo V23 5G

* Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G

*HP Specter x360 14

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