The American Sweepstakes Network: All-New Security Program and Hacking Mitigation Plans to Fight Copycats

The American Sweepstakes Network has administered and implemented contests, game promotions and sweepstakes for America’s top merchants for over 30 years. The team’s experience is simply uncopyable, although some have tried. With the rise of fraudsters trying to impersonate businesses and defraud customers, the company has tightened its cybersecurity belts and implemented all-new hack mitigation plans to keep customers safe.

From improving the verification system to mastering PCI regulations, The American Sweepstakes Network is more secure than ever.

Fraud prevention and instant code verification

Sweepstakes fraud isn’t new, but as the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s common to see an alarming increase in disreputable businesses.

Red flags like Greendot and MoneyGram cards should always be avoided, and The American Sweepstakes Network has made it its primary mission to ensure that customers report all such transaction requests to the US Fraud Report database ww.usfraudreport .com and/or directly to our legal department. .

Additionally, the team has included an instant code verification system to further enhance its ongoing cybersecurity efforts. If you received a claim code that purportedly identifies you as a prize winner, simply enter the number and click “Verify”.

The Enterprise-Wide Hacking Mitigation Plan

Corporate copycats and hacking go hand in hand. While many have been the prey of several cyberattacks, the team is committed to strengthening security and protection and thus offering a new lease of life.

By employing an effective hack mitigation plan, users can rest easy knowing that their sensitive information is safe.

The American Sweepstakes Network began by performing a risk assessment, recognizing vulnerabilities that allowed unauthorized people to access the system.

The identification helped fix common vulnerabilities before attempting to tackle more complex issues through firewalls, enhanced data encryption, anti-virus software and network access controls. At this point, the cybersecurity team has also improved its PCI DISS compliance to exceed current standards.

Next, the company improved its incident response plan so that employees at all levels know exactly how to act in the event of a threat. From data breaches to complete system takeovers, the American Sweepstakes Network team is ready for anything.

Finally, the company has protocols and systems in place to ensure that traffic is constantly monitored on its network.

Safe and Secure Contests

Through their relentless proactivity in hack mitigation, fraud response, and cybersecurity, The American Sweepstakes Network ensures that corporate impersonators never win. The team is proud of its decades of experience and looks forward to providing the nation with safe and secure draws for many years to come.

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