The FACTS about Banyan’s new Granular Trust Score

Banyan Security is excited to introduce Phase 2 of its Granular Trust Scoring (GTS) feature set. Phase 2 includes the ability to create a trust profile. Trust profiles allow an administrator to assign trust factors to different groups of devices, with available assignment criteria of; user groups, serial numbers, operating systems, MDM management and device ownership.


The term “trust” is an industry concept cemented within IT organizations used to describe the backbone of the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). After all, security and networking teams have been developing methods for trusting devices for years.

With ZTA, trust is not so simple. You can’t just put computers in a secure network and call it a day because that violates the fundamentals of ZTA. Instead, ZTA guarantees the need for organizations to collect signals from devices, users, applications, etc. to determine the trust of devices registered with the organization.

Accordingly, Banyan introduced Trust Scoring to alleviate the ambiguity of “trust” when organizations adopt ZTA in their own ecosystem. By talking to users about our trust assessment process, we realized a few FACTS about trust:

Flexibility – The analysis of confidence factors must be flexible. Organizations cannot globally adhere to trust factors because IT organizations manage a multitude of device versions and employee types (vendors, contactors, etc.) that require unique sets of rules.

Applicability – Trust factors should be useful in determining the trust of a device. For example, it is useful to know which factors apply only to mobile devices (eg non-jailbroken) and which only apply to desktop devices (eg firewall).

Clarity – The trust rating of devices and services requiring trust must be crystal clear for organizations to feel confident in their deployment of trust scoring.

Transparency – Understanding trust score calculation is imperative for administrators and enabling configurability provides full transparency.

Supportability – The ability to understand which factors are out of compliance on an end user’s device and what specific steps are required to satisfy/correct them is paramount to adopting Trust Scoring.

Introducing Trust Profiles (GTS)

Historically, Banyan struggled to provide the flexibility required for customers to fully utilize our device trust rating feature set. This has since changed with the release of Trusted Profiles. Trust profiles allow administrators to assign different devices to trust factors. Assignment can be based on the following (all additives):

After creating the assignment, administrators can then add the trust factors that will be evaluated to devices assigned to the trust profile. All existing trust factors will remain, including the ability to set the trust effect. Once done, the admin can set the priority of the trust profile.

How Trust Profiles helps with FACTS

Anyone working to bring something to the masses knows that there seem to be endless edge cases and each customer seems like a unique snowflake when it comes to technology. Trust profiles have the flexibilityrequired to provide Banyan’s core trust rating functionality in an organization by providing extended assignment criteria. while delivering clarity which devices are assigned to the trust factors deemed important by the organization. Additionally, Trust Profiles adds to the existing Trust Effect feature we released last month, allowing transparency across a fleet of devices by allowing the administrator to control the effect of each trust factor in a trust profile. Finally, by overlaying Trust Effect in Trust Profiles, it expands the applicability of Trust Scoring across a client’s organization without compromising the bearability necessary to adopt the new security control.

Call to action

Traditionally, customers have only dreamed of enabling some sort of mechanism to assess the security posture of their fleet of devices. With Trust Profiles, the obstacles to achieving that dream are moot, and we encourage everyone to give it a try. No additional software is needed, just register a device and create a trusted profile.

Try it for yourself and sign up for Banyan Free Team Edition.

Further information

Banyan maintains a rich repository of product documentation, including information on today’s topic, including a Trust Score Overview and more details on Trust effect and Trust Profile.

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