The Guardia Civil dismantles a network of purchase and sale of synthetic drugs on the dark web

The Guardia Civil dismantles a network of purchase and sale of synthetic drugs on the dark net. Credit: pexels

Network for buying and selling synthetic drugs on the dark web dismantled by the Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil dismantled a criminal organization based in the Community of Madrid that smuggled large quantities of synthetic drugs from Germany. They allegedly purchased these narcotics using bitcoins through the so-called dark web, which they also used to distribute the drugs.

As a result of this operation, there were three arrests: the head of the organization, the pharmacist, a 27-year-old man responsible for tampering with the drugs and the distributor.

An investigation was opened in February after agents of the technical unit of the judicial police, in collaboration with other organizations, detected on the “black markets” a possible shipment of narcotic substances from Germany.

Their discovery led cyber warfare experts to delve into this network. They quickly discovered that the goods were due to arrive in Spain in the first weeks of March. A detailed analysis of the cargo that was to enter by air from Germany has begun to be carried out.

On March 9, the investigators managed to identify the package, which led to the arrest of its recipient, a 27-year-old man who turned out to be the organization’s chemist. More than four kilos of amphetamines and methamphetamines were seized.

From this discovery, the cyber experts of the police traced several links to the dark web and discovered the physical medium where the proceeds of drug trafficking were stored in bitcoin.

This police action made it possible to identify and locate the leader of the group, who was responsible for establishing contacts with Germany to import the goods. The person responsible for the storage and distribution of the goods has also been located.

Nearly 7,000 grams of MDMA, 18,110 pills of ecstasy and pink cocaine, nearly one kilogram of hashish and 882 grams of marijuana were seized from his home. Additionally, officers found speed, ketamine, crystal, opium, cocaine, and 2,371 doses of LSD.

Officers also seized €40,000 in cash and abundant computer equipment used to carry out their criminal activity. Frozen acetone and multiple precursors were also involved, as reported


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