The list of IFSEC Converged Security Center scenarios unveiled for 2022!

tuesday 17and May 2022, 11:00 – Transport Session

Is it a lost suitcase? Or is it a suspicious device?

Imagine a bustling station, trains come and go, passengers move about. Then your cameras see it. The suitcase left on the quay. What happens next?

In this scenario, we’ll show you how the scene is assessed from a control room using CAD plans of the station, on-site cameras revealing still and streaming images, the last 30 minutes of access and exit of passengers from the station plus any contextual information from potentially coded social media posts that may indicate an imminent threat.

We will also show how, if the incident escalates, the area is locked down, access control is fully implemented, passengers are alerted and emergency services notified. And when they arrive, they’ll receive a full report of every moment and stage of the incident so they can assume full, informed control.

tuesday 17and May 2022, 1:00 p.m. – Training session

Panic on campus

On a sprawling university campus, a personal alarm is triggered on a portable or mobile device. The proverbial needle in the haystack and you must immediately geolocate the potential victim, alert your security team and lock down the area if necessary. You will also need to alert the rest of campus, provide efficient and timely evacuation instructions via voice alarm and variable message signs, and alert emergency services.

This scenario will show precisely how the methodical and analytical use of an effective PSIM-based workflow will allow you to identify at-risk individuals and potential perpetrators while simultaneously building a complete picture of the situation to relay to authorities.

tuesday 17and May 2022, 15:00 – Session Data Centers

Too hot to handle

Data dominates the world, it is now one of the most important assets for businesses, governments and the media. Managing data centers is a challenge, from cyber threats to effective integrated building management systems.

This scenario will demonstrate how a full-fledged PSIM solution ties into a building management system to signal when a data rack shows signs of overheating and displays a temperature alert. It will then need to be managed through environmental controls and ensuring that fire detection and suppression systems are on standby should the scenario take on dangerous proportions.

wednesday 18and May 2022 11:00 – Health Session

Protect healthcare

Public health protection has taken on a whole new dimension in recent years with health assets placed in extreme and exhausting situations. The flow of people entering and leaving our hospitals has at times reached overwhelming proportions with the additional new challenges of a highly infectious virus to contend with.

This scenario will show how a complex PSIM workflow that assesses and manages human movement and behavior can keep a busy healthcare environment safe. With new innovations in thermal imaging to detect infections, combined with contactless access control, we will show how broad insight can help manage staff and patients in very difficult circumstances.

wednesday 18and May 2022 1:00 p.m. – Finance Session

Facing the insider threat

The insider threat applies to many different organizations, but for this scenario we will focus on a financial institution such as a bank. Here’s the scene: A misplaced or stolen entrance card is used in an unauthorized access attempt, meaning a stranger is now loose in the building.

Using all the assets at your disposal, you will see how the PSIM platform will be able to provide you with a complete picture of the intruder, how he gained access, where he moved in the building and all the activities he has carried out. You’ll also see how you can alert your security team through their phones, which will include text notifications and pictures of the intruder.

You can also look to deactivate the card in question, which means that the access control functions are locked and inform the verified owner that their card has been used and that they must now report to the security team. All of this can be archived and a full report generated to track movements and interventions as they occur.

wednesday 18and May 2022 15:00 – Session Public Spaces, Shops and Sites

Shopping centers and halls

Now that we are all on the move again, visiting our favorite spaces and gathering in droves, the security challenges increase instantly.

This scenario will examine how a full-fledged integrated security management system will assess people movements, behaviors and possible threats. This scenario will show precisely how the methodical and analytical use of an effective PSIM-based workflow will allow you to identify potential perpetrators while simultaneously building a complete picture of the situation to convey to the authorities. It will also show how a larger scale integrated surveillance network using multiple assets and systems will converge to provide a panoramic picture of the incident in progress.

thursday 19and May 2022 11:00 am – Session Industry, Utilities and Manufacturing

heavy metal

Showcasing a truly unique integration with SCADA analysis, this scenario will reveal how a PSIM platform can respond to an industrial or manufacturing facility showing signs of trouble. Imagine an oil refinery, nuclear power plant or manufacturing plant in which a vital component has been sabotaged or is malfunctioning to a dangerous level. Pressures build, the system overheats, and you risk seeing the entire asset suffer a rupture or major failure.

We will show you how to monitor danger levels, reveal system operation via SCADA data, prepare for a personnel evacuation, alert emergency services, implement corrective actions such as pressure management and extraction . It will be a fascinating study of how integrated technologies will manage a dangerous situation in real time while providing vital data on what went wrong and how to avoid a similar outcome to the coming.

Join the debate live at IFSEC May 17-19 at ExCeL London! In the meantime, why not read our exclusive articles written by Converged Security Center consultants James Willison and Sarb Semhi below?

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