The old SPG details the protocols when visiting a PM, why the responsibility lies with the State and the DGP

Former SPG Additional Director PK Mishra spoke exclusively on Republic TV in Thursday’s edition of The Debate, sharing details of the protocol during the Prime Minister’s visit to a state and explaining how the responsibility to protect it rested with the state government and the DGP. Explaining the details of the protocol, PK Mishra said that SPG was only the prime minister’s innermost security cordon with 7-8 officials and that during visits it operated based on security briefings from the state and IB police.

“The question of why SPG took PM to this road, I can tell you PM was supposed to go by helicopter. Due to bad weather the helicopter program was canceled and in accordance with police clearance State, it is the Punjab Police Director General, the SPG decided to take him on the alternative route provided by the State Police. PM’s responsibility for security, every time that he visits a state, is that of the state government, in particular the DGP, ”said the former SPG.

“In unforeseen conditions or roadblocks, it is the duty of the state police. When the PM moves, the road should be disinfected and roadblocks should be forcibly cleared by state police. supposed to stay along the way. They weren’t there, and the Punjab police knew it. SPG is the innermost cordon, the close protection team of only 7-8 people. They receive safety briefings from state police and IB, ”he added. .

What the SPG protocol says

Previously, Republic Media Network had highlighted how the claims by the Punjab government that it was the duty of the SPG to secure Prime Minister Modi fail. In accordance with Chapter 1 of the SPG Blue Book, Rule 1 states that the overall responsibility for ensuring the security of the PM rests with the state government and that the responsibility for providing immediate security rests with the SPG in accordance with the SPG Act of 1988. Rule 2 of Chapter 1 states that the state police must take all protective measures for the safety and security of the Prime Minister. Rule 5 of Chapter 1 states that the implementation of these rules will be the responsibility of the State’s DGP.

Prime Minister Modi’s convoy was stranded on an airlift near Ferozepur for 15 to 20 minutes on Wednesday afternoon, posing a huge threat to the head of state. His procession was blocked by demonstrators about 30 km from the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala. Because of this, PM Modi was forced to return and leave Bhatinda airport. The Interior Ministry, learning of this serious security breach, requested a detailed report from the state government.

Image: Republic of the World

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