The TNP exchanges network protocols and community autonomy

The Commercial Network Protocol is a collection of commercial network and community self-reliance protocols that we call Protocol (protocols). All of these areas together are the decentralized autonomous organizations of the commercial network protocol network.

The Trading Network Protocol Network enables DAO Equity via Tokens (TNP), where holders can join a regional market and participate in its activities and management. Based on equity tokens, participants can receive a corresponding voting right in a region. Voting rights can be used to determine all network business.

The TNP exchanges network protocols and community autonomy

The DAO token TNP trading network protocol and extended deployment solution, a versatile TRC20 token, provides token holders with a network-wide governance utility and means to access region-specific voting rights, said Matus Lestan, co-founder and chief technology officer. commercial network protocol. In the beginning, the only airdrops were allocated to contributors around the world, who were allowed to be used. TNP is also the only permitted use of the trading network protocol in the future, and its value will be reflected in the subsequent NFT market. .

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