UK multi-network ISP ZYBRE acquires Rival Air Broadband

Broadband and cloud gaming ISP ZYBRE, which offers services to UK homes on a number of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) networks (Openreach, MS3, FullFibre etc.), announced this morning the acquisition from competing provider Air Broadband which takes a similar approach to network aggregation.

Air Broadband is one of many on the market, like ZYBRE, which has made a name for itself selling services (Layer 2) over many different full fiber networks (e.g. CityFibre, FullFibre Ltd, MS3, OFNL, Prime Fiber, Lila Connect [VXFIBER]Connect Fiber and Gigaclear, etc.), but with the caveat that all of these different networks also result in different plan features, contract terms and prices.

Managing so many different wholesale networks is no easy task, but ZYBRE and Air Broadband seem to have found a way that works for them, and so today’s acquisition is one that seems quite logical. But merging all their respective customers and plan combinations seems like quite a tedious task.

As of this writing, ZYBRE has not specified how this change will affect existing Air Broadband customers.

Jonny Robinson, CEO of ZYBRE, said:

“Andrew and the Air team have done a great job securing alternative network partnerships and building a strong customer base across the country.

This acquisition will be one of many consolidations in this market. For us, Air gives us additional network infrastructure that we need to scale and we will be able to compete in key cities.

Andrew Glover, CEO of Air Broadband, added:

“Joining forces with ZYBRE enables both companies to accelerate our growth, bringing ultra-fast broadband and additional services to more customers.”

As for the deal itself, ZYBRE didn’t say how much money changed hands, but they said the move brings their broadband base to over 10,000 customers. Not bad for a vendor that has only been in the market for a relatively short time, but already seems to have an ambitious strategy to increase its reach.

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