Ukrainians have regained the use of the forgotten social network Vkontakte: a team is being formed for counter-propaganda

VK/Channel 24

The project is developed by Oleg Boguslavsky, co-founder of Data Science Ua. Its essence lies in the fight against Russian propaganda spread by the social network, and tries to open the eyes of Russians to the true state of affairs.

What is known

People urgently needed! You know that in the Russian Federation they blocked all social networks except them (VK and Odnoklassniki). As a result, the number of channels through which information can be transmitted to the inhabitants of Russia has decreased. One of the most important missions of our information warfare now is to show the truth by any means available,
Oleg Boguslavsky writes on his Facebook page.

  • According to, 300 people have already joined the initiative, but more than a thousand are needed for effective work.

Your own VK account is not required. Bots, instructions, partial process automation programs and everything we will give, instruct, teach,
– specifies the entrepreneur.

  • The main task of the users involved in the project is to spread non-aggressive messages. The team chose a gentle route that encourages “activating the main instincts of Russians – stomach and security”.
  • All messages and posts sent in private messages and VK groups were created in collaboration with psychologists. They are designed in such a way as to encourage Russians to be afraid and doubtful.
  • The work is done on a computer, not on a phone.

You can join the project at this link (leads to the Telegram group chat, where you can download the getting started guide).

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