Video: 5 Ps to start quantitative risk management – ​​No 5 Performance


How does an organization assess the value of a Based on FAIR quantitative cyber risk management program? In this short video, RiskLens Regional Sales Manager, Joe Vinck, covers #5 of the 5 Ps, the phases of a successful launch of a FAIR Quantitative Program – Performance – and describes how RiskLens configures clients to meet their performance goals.

The 5 Ps to start quantitative risk management

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  1. Objective

  2. People

  3. Platform

  4. Treat

  5. Performance

As Joe explains, a quantitative risk management program should meet two objectives:

Short term: Quickly deliver business value to the organization. “It’s essential for people to buy into this new concept. »

Long term: For many organizations, this derives a broader benefit from their investment in RiskLens. “FAIR and RiskLens can absolutely be leveraged in areas beyond IT and IT risk,” says Joe.

Watch the video to learn how RiskLens integrated into a client’s project plan an evolution from cyber risk management to operational and enterprise risk management to “bring the same element of business value to other types risks that were extremely important to the organization”.

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