Virgin Media O2’s superfast gigabit network reaches thousands in East Cheshire

· Gigabit broadband with average maximum speeds of 1,130Mbps is now available to over 4,250 additional homes in Cheshire East for the first time.

· Homes in Cheshire East can now benefit from Virgin Media O2’s superfast network.

· Residents can now sign up for Virgin Media services which offer broadband speeds up to 22 times faster* than the local average, allowing Ultra-HD TV shows and the latest computer games to be downloaded in minutes .

Virgin Media O2 today announced it has connected more than 4,250 additional homes in Alsager, Cheshire East, to its superfast network, bringing the benefits of gigabit broadband for the first time to thousands more people as it upgrades the UK.

As part of its “Project Lightning” network expansion program, Virgin Media O2 is expanding its network to bring ultra-fast broadband, TV and phone services to more residents and small businesses.

Alsager households can now benefit from Virgin Media services, including Gig1 which offers maximum speeds of 1,130Mbps – 22 times faster than the local average – perfect for busy households working remotely, streaming TV shows and movies, video calling friends and family and playing online games.

Rob Evans, general manager of fixed network expansion at Virgin Media O2, said: “With the festive season fast approaching and winter nights approaching, we are proud to give the people of Cheshire East access to superfast connectivity at a time when it matters most. Area residents will now be able to enjoy speeds up to more than 22x faster* than the local average when accessing online services such as streaming their favorite Christmas movies and video calling between friends and family.

Virgin Media O2 leads gigabit load in Britain and became the only major broadband provider to roll out next-generation gigabit services across its network in 2021.

At the same time, the company continues to honor its promise to invest more than £10 billion to modernize the UK and building on the success of its existing fiber network expansion business, is exploring options to go further and faster by rolling out fiber to millions more homes across the country.

In July 2021, the company announced that it would upgrade its entire fixed network to Full Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) technology with completion in 2028, capable of delivering symmetric download and upload speeds of 10 Gbps and beyond.

In addition to its super-fast broadband network, Virgin Media O2’s mobile network covers 99% of the country’s population with 4G, as the company continues to upgrade its 4G and 5G services to boost mobile connectivity across the country. . It recently announced it would be the only mobile network operator not to reintroduce roaming charges in Europe and pledged to reach 50% of the UK population with 5G coverage by 2023.

Councilor Nick Mannion, chairman of Cheshire East Council’s Economy and Growth Committee, said: “We are delighted to hear that Virgin Media O2 has continued to expand its gigabit broadband service to additional premises in Cheshire East, with over 4,000 new connections in Alsager. It is crucial to see organizations such as Virgin Media O2 expand their network and provide even more premises with future-proof broadband service. This ensures our residents and businesses have access to fast and reliable internet services.

It also enables more households to work, learn and play more productively from home, while enabling multiple users to use devices online simultaneously. We will continue to support organizations providing fiber-based solutions in Cheshire East to ensure that as many premises as possible can connect to superfast, superfast broadband.

Virgin Media O2 recently launched its first-ever joint product, Volt, allowing customers to boost their services and reap additional rewards simply by being a Virgin Media and O2 customer. Along with double mobile data, roaming in 75 countries and up to £150 off a connected device, new and existing customers who sign up for Virgin Media broadband service and an eligible O2 Pay monthly plan will receive an increase of broadband speeds to the next level available – meaning customers on a 500Mbps Virgin Media plan could be boosted to Gig1 at no additional cost.

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