What We’re Reading: Mount Baker Station, Ending Covid Protocols and Reducing Drunk Driving

A historic entrance mosaic on 1st Avenue at Pioneer Square. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Mount Baker Station: Community members want to activate the Mount Baker Station area.

Indigenous housing: cross section profiles a Chief Seattle Club housing project in Pioneer Square.

Bored of failing: Expansion of the subway to the Seattle of San Jose ran into another problem with another delay, possibly to 2034.

Inclusive zoning: Philadelphia Cream now has mandatory inclusion zoning.

Growing Danger: Megacar owners drove more in 2020 than in 2019.

Corrugated steel: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog features a planned mixed-use development of the city market site.

Congestion: Embrace traffic jams, don’t fight them, says Strong Towns.

Ending Covid protocols: Washington will end non-federal, non-local indoor mask mandates on March 21. King County will also end mandatory vaccination card requirements on March 1.

Regressive policy: An anti-housing lobbying coalition in California is continue an initiative to overthrow the progressive zohousing laws.

Broken policy: The University of California at Berkeley is caught in a mess as an environmental lawsuit puts the future of thousands of students at stake.

Fixing Policy: California lawmakers could permanently exempt certain transit projects from environmental review.

Expensive and unnecessary: A third party El Paso I-10 expansion plan report delivers heavy criticism.

Not in Illinois: Illinois shot down another bike law “Idaho Stop”.

Taxing certain vacancies: In San Fransisco, a vacancy tax could appear on the ballot.

Reduce drink-driving: How Utah Reduces DUI Rates?

Nevada housing: The Nevada Real Estate Agency has earmarked $300 million for affordable housing in the state.

PDX Transit Visions: The Portland regional planning body has shortlisted a list of transit projects for federal funding.

Moratorium: the Seattle one the moratorium on evictions is about to end, but could it still be extended?

Affordable Housing Funding: Mount Zion on the 19th affordable housing project for seniors received state funding.

177 miles: The Los Angeles City Council has approved a large set of speed reductions on the streets.

Vision Zero: Streetsblog showcases why Vision Zero is a human rights issue for the deaf and the wider disability community.

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