Workers admit bypassing cybersecurity protocols

Amazon makes its internal security awareness training available to businesses to strengthen online security practices.

As more workers began to telecommute, concerns about cybersecurity quickly escalated. While every IT department hopes network employees will exercise extreme caution and adhere to all security protocols when accessing networks remotely, this is not always the case. As a result, phishing attacks and other cyber threats can easily thwart worker productivity and potentially damage hardware, increasing the vulnerability of users’ personal and organizational data.


According to Digital Workplace Insights: Seeking digital and experience parity to support the hybrid workforce, a white paper from International Data Corporation, just over one-third of business leaders believe remote employees fully adhere to established organizational security protocols, and two-thirds believe most remote employees do. However, only half of workers said they followed their organization’s suggested safety practices when working remotely.

Executives also noted their biggest cybersecurity challenges regarding remote workers. Over 40 percent said they had no visibility into what employees were doing. The second biggest problem is that staff use their personal devices to access corporate resources.

To address safety concerns, 64% said they would change their business model from the one they used before the pandemic, in part to improve employee safety. Additionally, in IDC’s October 2020 survey of the impact of COVID-19 on IT spending, more than a third of respondents said their companies plan to spend more to ensure secure access to IT spending. remote workers.

Another solution is for businesses to train their employees to be more vigilant about protecting themselves and the business from increasing cyber threats. To help, Amazon plans to make its internal security awareness program available to the public for free.

“A fundamental issue in tackling today’s cybersecurity threats is education, which is why we are excited to share our free Amazon Security Awareness training to help organizations and individuals understand how to navigate and respond to security events. Said Steve Schmidt, Chief Information Officer. security agent. The Amazon Security Awareness course is available in 10 languages ​​and includes video lessons and online assessments to test learners’ knowledge. Visit to learn more.

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