YouTube stays on Roku devices as companies strike multi-year deal, Telecom News, ET Telecom

By Paresh Dave

YouTube and Roku Inc on Wednesday announced a multi-year pact to end a battle that dragged on for months over accusations of anti-competitive behavior and threatened to rob the Internet’s largest video streaming service of tens of millions of devices. television.

“Roku and Google have agreed to a multi-year extension for YouTube and YouTube TV,” the companies said on Twitter. “This agreement represents a positive development for our mutual customers, making YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the Roku platform.”

Google and the Roku streaming platform, owner of YouTube, Alphabet Inc, had been publicly arguing since April over the technical and financial terms of the distribution of YouTube’s flagship app and its YouTube TV service.

Roku had objected to what he described as unfair terms such as favoring YouTube in search results and updating its material. YouTube had described its efforts as consumer-friendly and said Roku was the one using his market power to force a better deal.

Public battles over distribution agreements and the sharing of advertising revenue have become common in the broadcast and video streaming fields.

Roku removed the YouTube TV app from its channel store after the agreement for that app expired. YouTube, which has more than 2 billion monthly users, threatened to pull its main app from Roku on Thursday, when the deal for the service was due to end.

Major apps like YouTube embedded in devices like Roku TVs and streaming media players are a major selling point for the hardware. And while its users may access YouTube services in other ways, the multi-year agreement rules out a threat to Roku’s business.

Roku said last month that it has 56.4 million active accounts.

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